6 Things That Cause Clogged Pipes in Lake Stevens Homes

6 Things That Cause Clogged Pipes in Lake Stevens Homes

6 Things That Cause Clogged Pipes in Lake Stevens Homes

Dealing with clogged pipes in Lake Stevens homes can be annoying. They may seem like minor problems, but they can quickly develop into something more serious. Clogs can lead to corrosion, slower draining water, and even sewage backups. To prevent the problems, you have to understand what causes them. Here are some of the main issues we see at Campbell’s Quality Plumbing.

  • Hair – This is a big issue when it comes to clogged pipes. Not only can hair clump in your pipes, but it binds easily with soap, grease, and other gunk. A drain guard can help prevent hair from going down the drain.
  • Dirt & Debris – Dirt is supposed to go down the drain. But excess dirt can build over time and clog up the works. When washing clothes, shake off excess dirt and mud before tossing them in the washer.
  • Soap – There can be a lot of fat or grease in certain soaps. When they mix with the minerals in the water, it can leave soap scum.
  • Mineral Buildup – Water softeners can help stop mineral buildup from clogging up your pipes. This can be difficult to remove on your own. But we can help.
  • Food – Even if you have a garbage disposal, you want to be careful want you put through it. Oil, grease, and coffee grinds are big troublemakers.
  • Toilet Paper – Putting too much toilet paper in the toilet can cause clogs. Plunging usually helps, but thick toilet paper can cause problems.

These are some of the typical issues we deal with every day at Campbell’s Quality Plumbing. Preventive care is best, but if you end up with clogged pipes in Lake Stevens, give us a call at (425) 385-0315.

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