Hot Water Heater on the Fritz? Consider Having a Tankless System Installed in Your Mountlake Terrace Home

Hot Water Heater on the Fritz? Consider Having a Tankless System Installed in Your Mountlake Terrace HomeWe all use hot water every day. We wash the dishes, take a shower, and do laundry. When the water heater is no longer working right, or your water is taking longer than usual to get hot, it might be time to replace it. If you have a traditional hot water tank, you might want to consider tankless water heaters for Mountlake Terrace homes. At Campbell’s Quality Plumbing, we can install a new endless water tank easily in your home.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Traditional hot water systems involve a holding tank. When you shower or run the dishwasher, the tank empties. It then fills back up and heats the new water. If the water sits awhile, it has to reheat again. The cycle continues as you use the water. With a tankless water heater system, you don’t have to worry about that. There are many benefits to this type of water heater system that make them worth the investment. Let’s take a look at some of those benefits.

Tankless Water Heaters Save You Money

In today’s economy, this is a definite plus. These water heater systems are energy efficient. They save on water output and utility bills over the course of a year.

Hot Water When You Need It

The main advantage of endless water heaters is that you get hot water when you want it. It heats up as the water goes through the system. No more waiting an hour or more in between showers.

Space Saving

Because they are compact, these water heaters can be tucked into small spaces. This makes them ideal for apartments and small homes where space is at a premium.

If you consider tankless water heaters in Mountlake Terrace, give Campbell’s Quality Plumbing a call at (425) 385-0315.

If Your Monroe Property Needs Remodeling Plumbing, Call Us First!

If Your Monroe Property Needs Remodeling Plumbing, Call Us First!

If your bathroom is out-of-date, it may be time for a fresh look. There are some great things you can do to give new life to an old, tired bathroom. At Campbell’s Quality Plumbing, we can help with remodeling plumbing in Monroe. Here are some fun ideas that can give you the bathroom you want.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

It is amazing what new paint can do for a room. If your bathroom hasn’t been painted in years, it is time to tackle the project. Greys, whites, creams, and light greys are neutral colors if you want a backdrop to add accent colors. Black matte is excellent for a masculine bathroom and is a big trend right now.

Bring Nature Indoors

Another hot trend is the natural look. Porcelain tiles get replaced by wood-like surfaces, rattan design, and other elements from nature. Composite cabinets are replaced with raw wood furniture. You can even bring in plants to give it a spa feel. Peace lilies and ivy are both plants that do well in low light, which is often the case for bathrooms.

New Fixtures

If you like the color of your walls and can’t afford to do a total remodel, consider upgrading your fixtures. Sleek faucets and handles can refresh a worn-out sink and tub. You might replace the tub and sink itself. There are so many affordable options available today. Whether you want a traditional, retro, or totally modern look, you can find something to match the theme.

If you need remodeling plumbing in Monroe, contact us at (425) 385-0315. At Campbell’s Quality Plumbing, we are happy to help make your bathroom remodeling dreams come true. We are a full-service plumber that can handle all your plumbing needs.

Save Money with a Tankless Water Heater in Mill Creek

At Campbell’s Quality Plumbing, we want to point out the advantages of upgrading to a tankless water heater. Our goal is to help our customers save money and choose a quality water heater system. While it may not be right for everyone, there are many benefits to a tankless water heater system. That is why at Campbell’s Quality Plumbing, we provide tankless water heater installation, replacement, service, and repair in Mill Creek and the surrounding communities.

More Efficient Over a Traditional Water Heater

With today’s economy, saving money is more important than ever. Tankless water heaters are one way you can save on your utility bills each month. They are extremely efficient, up to 34% more than traditional models in many homes. When you switch to a tankless system, you can save a good amount of money each year.

Tankless Heater Last Longer Than Traditional Systems

One of the benefits of installing a tankless water heater is that it lasts longer than storage tank-type systems. You can expect the typical water heater to last up to 15 years, often no more than 10. Your tankless water heater system is going to last much longer, typically twice as long.

No More Waiting for Hot Water

The storage tanks empty and refill again and again. Heating water each time. Tankless water heaters do not store water; they heat it as you need it—no more waiting hours in between showers or waiting to take a bath after the dishwasher has run.

Works in Small Spaces

For some folks, being able to save space isn’t a big deal. But for those in an apartment or tiny house like the idea. Tankless systems can be tucked in small areas. If you need tankless water heater installation, replacement, service, and repair in Mill Creek, contact Campbell’s Quality Plumbing at (425) 385-0315.

Building a New Home in Marysville? Call the New Construction Plumbing Pros

Building a New Home in Marysville? Call the New Construction Plumbing Pros

Building a new home can be so exciting. Watching the home come together from the ground up is fun. There are many things that need to go in a home to make it livable. You need an electric system, gas lines, and plumbing. At Campbell’s Quality Plumbing, we provide new construction plumbing in Marysville you can trust. We have a solid reputation in the community, and you can count on us to get the job done right the first time.

A New Home Needs Quality Plumbing

Not only do pipes need to be put in place in a new home, but there are appliances to be hooked up, such as a dishwasher or washing machine. The bathroom needs a tub, toilet, and sink put in. Your kitchen needs a sink and plumbing. Campbell’s Quality Plumbing can help with all of that. If you are not sure what type of fixtures are best for your home, we can help you make the right choice.

Commercial Plumbing Construction

If you are building a new building for commercial purposes, we provide that service as well. If you have added on and need to extend your pipes into the new building, we can help you with that.

Professional Plumbing Services

At Campbell’s Quality Plumbing, we can provide all your plumbing services. We offer:

  • New construction plumbing
  • Water heater installation & repair
  • Water line service
  • Emergency plumbing around the clock
  • Drain Cleaning & Repair
  • Much more

Contact Campbell’s Quality Plumbing Today

If you need new construction plumbing in Marysville, give us a call at (425) 385-0315. We will come out and assess what needs to be done and give you an estimate and time frame.

Clogged or Sluggish Pipes? Call in the Plumbing Repair Experts in Index

Clogged or Sluggish Pipes? Call in the Plumbing Repair Experts in Index

When your kitchen sink is draining slower every day, it could indicate a problem. You definitely have a problem if it does not drain at all. Drains get clogged and sluggish for many reasons, and when it happens, you want to call for experts trained for plumbing repair in Index. Campbell’s Quality Plumbing provides plumbing and drainage services that are quick and professional.

Do You Have a Clogged Line?

If you are having problems with your pipes draining, you need a plumber who can trace the problem. We are experts in drainage service and have the proper equipment to trace the problem to the source and mitigate the damage. We factor in the type of material and go from there to remove whatever is clogging your pipes.

Are Roots Damaging Your Drainage Lines?

This is a common problem we see when there are clogged pipes. Often the roots of nearby trees and bushes wrap around or push through the pipes. The result is sluggish, blocked, or broken pipes. Regular service on your lines can prevent this from happening. If you need it, we can remove the roots and fix the lines.

Full-Service Plumbing Company

When it comes to drainage or plumbing needs, Campbell’s Quality Plumbing is a full-service company. We can repair or replace pipes, sinks, water heaters, fixtures, and more. No need to call different plumbers who specialize in one thing; we do it all. If you need expert plumbing repair in Index, give Campbell’s Quality Plumbing a call at (425) 385-0315. We can make you an appointment, or if it is an emergency, come right out to your home. Call the plumbing pros you can trust for all your plumbing needs.

Extend the Life of Your Lynnwood Water Heater with Proper Maintenance

You depend on your water heater for so many things. The kids need baths, the adults need showers, dishes need to be done, and clothes to wash. None of it is fun to do in cold water. If you have ever had to heat water for any of those things, you know that is no fun. If you have problems with your water heater in Lynnwood, Campbell’s Quality Plumbing can help.

Regular Water Heater Maintenance Can Prevent Problems

Having your water heater serviced regularly can help prevent problems. Hard water can cause mineral build-up, which can eat away at your water tank. Rust can develop as well. All of this can lead to a leaky water tank. If it ends up bursting, you can end up with gallons of water on your floor. That can mean not only a call to the plumber but to a water restoration company as well. Scheduling yearly service can stop problems before they start and extend the life of your hot water tank.

You May Need a Water Heater Replacement

If you are having problems with your water heater, it may need replacing. Here are some indications it is time to upgrade:

  • No Hot Water
  • Rusty Colored water
  • Leaking Tank
  • Age of the Tank

If you are not sure if you need a replacement or how old your tank is, Campbell’s Quality Plumbing can help. We can service, install and repair your water heater in Lynnwood. Look to us for any other plumbing needs you may have. We can also handle new construction plumbing, so we can install the required elements if you are building a home or business. Give us a call at (425) 385-0315.

Renovating Your Edmonds Kitchen? Check Out These Sink Styles!

Renovating Your Edmonds Kitchen? Check Out These Sink Styles!

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen and want to replace the sink? If so, you want to make sure it gets properly installed. The sink is often the first thing that gets decided on because so many other things depend on the placement. Where the sink goes determines the placement of things like the dishwasher. At Campbell’s Quality Plumbing, our kitchen/bath remodeling plumber in Edmonds guarantees your sink gets installed the first time properly.

Trending Styles to Choose From

When you know where it will be placed and the room you have to play with, picking out the sink comes next. Here are some of the styles that are trending today:

  • Undermount Sinks – These sinks attach to the underside of the counter. They are sleek, modern, and easy to clean.
  • Integrated Sinks – This unique sink is integrated into the counter. It is made from the same material and comes in a variety of colors.
  • Farmhouse Sinks – Rustic kitchens are the perfect choice for this sink. It has an “apron” in the front that provides a unique look. It is a beautiful sink that will be the focal point of the kitchen.

Traditional Styles That Are Still Great Choices

  • Single Bowl Sinks – Perfect for kitchens with small spaces. You can choose deeper models as well.
  • Drop-In Sinks – Super easy to install; a drop-in sink works in any kitchen.
  • Double Bowl Sinks – The bowls in this sink can be the same size, or you can have one bigger and one smaller. Opt for this sink if you have space.

If you are renovating your kitchen, Campbell’s Quality Plumbing can help. If you need a kitchen/bath remodeling plumber in Edmonds, contact us at (425) 385-0315.

We Won’t Dig Up Your Yard with Trenchless Water Main Repair in Everett

We Won't Dig Up Your Yard with Trenchless Water Main Repair in Everett

One of the most common problems in home flooding is leaking pipes. This can also cause problems in your yard, depending on where the pipe is and where the leak is located. Many problems could be prevented if the homeowner would do some routine maintenance. You should do a regular inspection of things like your washing machine and refrigerator. Homeowners can handle many jobs like checking hoses regularly and replacing simple things like washers. Other things, such as trenchless water main repair service in Everett, should be handled by a professional. If your leaking pipe problem is in your water main line, it is not something you want to tackle on your own.

Will My Yard Need To Be Dug Up?

When the main water line has problems, the traditional method was to dig up the yard, which meant redoing the landscape when everything was finished. But at Campbell’s Quality Plumbing, we offer a much better solution. Trenchless repair or replacement is much easier.

What is the Trenchless Method?

One of the main benefits of the trenchless method is there is less damage to your property. Two holes are dug with this method—one at the beginning of the waterline and another one at the end. From there, we work beneath the ground to repair or replace your line. It’s an efficient process that saves time and money.  If you are uncertain whether or not this will work for your situation, we can answer. We can give you an assessment followed by a detailed cost estimate. And our expert plumbers are always here to answer any of your questions.

If you want to learn more about trenchless water main repair service in Everett, contact us at (425) 385-0315.

Don’t Wash Away Your Money – Get Leaky Pipe Repair Service in Gold Bar

Don't Wash Away Your Money - Get Leaky Pipe Repair Service in Gold Bar

Water leaks are quite common in homes, but it is something no one wants to deal with. If the leak is small enough, people often ignore them. They may think it’s no big deal, or they may be worried about what they will find if they investigate further. Campbell’s Quality Plumbing would like to share with you some common reasons for water leaks in the home. If you have a problem, we also provide leaky pipe repair in Gold Bar.

Is Something Clogged?

One of the most common causes of water leaks is a clog if left unattended. A clog and enough pressure within the pipe cause it to burst. Repairing that clog is much less expensive and repairing a cracked pipe.

Hot Water Heaters

Most hot water tanks last approximately 10 to 12 years. Sometimes you can tell in your water heater is on the blitz because of things like a lack of hot water in your shower. The best thing to do is be proactive and have it repaired or replaced. But sometimes, you wake up to a puddle in your basement. That is when you need professional assistance.

Toilets & Bathtubs

Showers and bathtubs are designed with seals that keep the water moving down the drain. Over time, a seal can fail. If unnoticed, it can create a leak that can do hidden damage. Toilets have seals also -, and these types of leaks can go undetected for a long time because of their location.

Call In The Professionals

To prevent leaks, you can do some routine checking now and then. If you find a problem that requires leaky pipe repair in Gold Bar, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (425) 385-0315.

Trenchless Sewer Line Installation is Easy On Your Darrington Lawn

Trenchless Sewer Line Installation is Easy On Your Darrington Lawn

You may not think much about your sewer line, but it can affect many things in your home if something goes wrong. If you are building a home, you want to ensure the sewer line is installed correctly. Your sewer line needs to be connected to the main sewer line to remove sewage and bring in water. Over time, things can happen that can cause problems with your sewer lines. Campbell’s Quality Plumbing provides trenchless sewer line installation service in Darrington you can trust.

What Are Some Signs My Sewer Line Has a Problem?

While not all problems will present themselves before something serious happens, there are indications that it is time to call in a plumber. These include:

  • Water pressure problems
  • Leaks
  • Foul smells inside the home
  • Odors along the line in your yard
  • Soggy soil

Trenchless Sewer Lines 101

If your lines needed to be replaced with the traditional method, your yard would have to be dug up to replace the sewer lines. Depending on where the lines are located, this could mean busting up concrete or even your driveway turning into one huge, costly mess. Trenchless lines are much less invasive. There are two methods of trenchless installation:

  • Bursting the old pipe – This is then replaced with a new pipe. We dig two access holes, and the old pipe is replaced as the new is laid.
  • Using flexible pipe – We dig two holes as above, but a flexible pipe is run through the existing pipe. Once everything is done, it expands and hardens.

We can come to your home and provide you with an evaluation and estimate. If you need trenchless sewer line installation service in Darrington, contact us at (425) 385-0315.

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