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2024 is the YEAR of the REPIPE - If your home was built in the 1990’s or earlier, it’s a question of “if”... It’s “when” will the pipes fail?

There are 2 types of pipes that need to be replaced as soon as possible:

CPVC - Newer homes built in the mid-1990’s and early 2000’s in the Puget Sound were likely built using CPVC water lines. Unfortunately, it has been found that CPVC pipe will fail after a very short period of time and typically has little advance warning. CPVC pipes are the #1 cause of water bursts. If you’ve had a leak and the plumber found CPVC, it’s only a short amount of time before a burst can happen. If failure happens, typically at a 90° joints inside the wall, it can cause costly repairs far beyond the point of failure.

CPVC pipe with 90° joint
A galvanized pipe with rust inside

GALVANIZED - Older homes with galvanized pipes are also susceptible to failure. How do you know when it’s time to replace galvanized pipes?

  • Water is discolored
  • Water has metallic taste or odor
  • Low water pressure

Investing in repiping your home now will save you in the long run. A water failure that isn’t caught early, will seep into walls and under the flooring leading to costly water mitigation and reconstruction that quickly escalates into costing tens of thousands of dollars in repairs to your home and months of service work within your home.

Beat it now before it Beats YOU!

Bathroom or Kitchen Facelift

Upgrading your home to modern fixtures and supply lines is more than just a simple changing of the hardware. Campbell’s Quality Plumbing will also make sure your home is brought to current plumbing codes. In the last 20+ years, plumbing codes have changed to meet modern needs and improvements to efficiency of appliances.

One of the most practical updates that may need to be considered during a home remodel is plumbing.

If you are planning a remodel, we highly encourage you to involve a plumber in the planning for your remodel, especially if toilets, sinks, water heaters, showers, and tubs are being replaced and installed. When our plumbers are involved in a remodel, we work to ensure that each fixture is installed properly avoiding leaks that could damage the newly remodeled home.

Before starting any remodel project, learn where all the pipes and shut offs are located in order to avoid any unnecessary damage.

When our experienced Campbell’s Quality Plumbing plumbers are called into a remodel, sometimes they find that no updates are necessary. However, it’s still a good idea to remember plumbing during a remodel because it keeps good plumbing and beautiful remodels intact.

Everytime you remodel, you should consult a plumber to know where the pipes are and how they’ll be improved if needed during the remodel. Call Campbell’s Quality Plumbing at (425) 259-3898 or (360) 653-9804 to schedule a visit from your friendly, neighborhood plumbers at Campbell’s Quality Plumbing!


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