How Long Does It Take for Toilet Installation in Stanwood and Is It Expensive?

How Long Does It Take for Toilet Installation in Stanwood and Is It Expensive?

There are dozens of ways to ensure the comfort and function of your home’s appliance, especially where plumbing is involved. For new homes or older homes in need of new appliances, there’s toilet installation in Stanwood – courtesy of Campbell’s Quality Plumbing services. Toilet installation is essential to the comfort of your home, and it only takes roundabout two to three hours to install a new toilet.

As for expense, the final price consists of the toilet, any components needed for attachment, and the cost of labor during installation. On average, it’ll cost between $200 to $600 to hire a professional plumber to install a toilet.

What’s the Longevity of a Toilet in Your Home? How About a Business Toilet?

The average lifespan of a toilet in your home is 40 to 50 years, with replacements of minor components over the years. However, at a business where there’s more foot traffic and more people visiting the restroom daily, the toilet might last 10 to 12 years, or less, depending on replacement parts, care, and use.

Does the Price Drop if You Supply Your Own Toilet for Installation?

Yes – if you supply your own toilet, the price of labor is less. However, you are spending near the same amount, regardless of who supplies the toilet.

Is Low-Flow Toilet Better than a Traditional Toilet?

Low flow toilets use more water than traditional toilets, so they are slightly better for the environment and your water bills. Low flows can save you up to $100 per year in utility costs. They have powerful flushes with minimum water usage, but you have to decide if that’s good enough to spend a little extra on a low-flow toilet over a traditional toilet.

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