Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing Remodel Services

In the business of home remodeling projects, a dependable, quality contractor is a necessity when considering the major undertaking of a bathroom or kitchen remodel.

Our staff will constantly strive to earn your continued confidence, as our goal has always been to keep our customers 100% satisfied. The best way you can help us meet this goal is to let us know how we rate with you. We welcome any comments and/or suggestions that you might have to help us better serve our clientele.

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens should inspire and they should flow. Kitchens should be a thing of beauty, yet work like a fine tuned machine. Kitchens should be comfortable and yet rugged enough to stand the test of time.

Kitchen demolition includes the removal of appliances and cabinets. Get rid of them the right way.

Plainly, some professional-style cooking appliances are not for every homeowner, kitchen and budget. However, they’re much easier to integrate into your kitchen than true commercial appliances.

Thanks to all these entry-level stainless steel appliances,people are able to get the look, the flavor and the feel of a professional kitchen without having to spend all that money on costly kitchen modifications.”

Proper Ventilation
Efficient ventilation removes odors, pollutants and vapor-laden air trapped inside a home before they can cause any damage, harm to you or your house or discomfort. Condensation occurs as moist, warm air comes in contact with cold surfaces. It is easily visible on glass, walls or ceilings, but it can also form on carpets and curtains.

Exhaust Fans
You can ventilate most kitchens and bathrooms with a fan carrying air a short distance through a wall (an axial fan). Wall- or ceiling-mounted fans have their electric components directly behind a grille.

Kitchen Lighting
Lighting is an element that can make or break a kitchen. The good news is that adding quality lighting to your kitchen doesn’t have to involve big, expensive fixtures or exhaustive remodeling, as long as you think carefully about what you want to accomplish and then use a little creativity.

Solid surface materials are ideal for kitchen and bath countertops because they are impervious to water and most other liquids, difficult to stain and easy to wipe and keep clean. And because they are solid all the way through, scratches can be rubbed out with an abrasive cleaner or sanded away.

Bathroom Remodel

Luxurious, Comforting, and Relaxing. Master bathrooms must be highly functional but provide you the opportunity to “Get Away From It All” when you close the door.

“We need more space” That’s one thing most everyone can agree on when evaluating their current bathroom. And if the home is older, there likely is very little elbow room.

A key reason for remodeling the bathroom is the desire to update. The old bathroom looks outdated.

Things to think about:

Bathroom Regulations:
Electrical Installations
Water is a good conductor of electricity, so it increases the chance and severity of shocks

Waste Pipe Installations
Changing or installing a new bathroom may involve making a new connection to your home’s main soil stack or drain.

Types of Bathroom Layouts
Most homes have at least one full bathroom with a toilet, sink, and bathtub. Optional extras to this basic suite include a shower, either in a separate cubicle or above the bathtub, and possibly a bidet.

Custom Bathrooms
Like a standard bathroom, custom bathrooms have a full suite of fixtures. The difference is that the final design has matching built-in cabinets and countertops around part of the room.

Attached Bathrooms
Because of the proximity of the bedroom, noise is an issue. If there is no window in an attached bath, an exhaust fan is essential for removing moisture.

Powder Rooms
Powder rooms are usually located on the first floor of a house near the entryway. Also called half-baths, powder rooms have a sink and a toilet, but they do not have a shower or bathtub.

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