Make Your Bathtub the Focal Point of Your Lake Stevens Bathroom

Make Your Bathtub the Focal Point of Your Lake Stevens Bathroom

Make Your Bathtub the Focal Point of Your Lake Stevens Bathroom

Bathrooms today do not have to be the “Plain Jane” bathrooms of the past. Bathtubs are more than just functional these days. They can be streamlined and elegant and include extras like a whirlpool. With the many options of bathtubs available today, your tub can be the focal point of your bath. Campbell’s Quality Plumbing provides kitchen and bathroom remodeling plumbing in Lake Stevens, WA, so no matter what design you go with, you know it is installed correctly.

What’s Your Budget?

When considering bathtubs, style plays a role but so does your budget. You can look through online pictures to get a feel for what you want. No matter what your budget looks like, there is sure to be a tub you like that you can afford.

How Will You Use It?

That may seem like an obvious question – to bathe. But is it for long, luxurious soaks, or will it be mainly be used for the kids and washing the dog? Your bathtub needs to fit your lifestyle. Keep in mind; it also needs to work in the available space, so take measurements.

What’s Your Style?

Soaking tubs are great if you love relaxing baths. These bathtubs get designed for long soaks. Whirlpool tubs take soaking to another level. Jets provide targeted water to massage areas of the body.

Do you love the vintage look? Then go with a freestanding clawfoot tub. They are beautiful and come in different sizes. Walk-in bathtubs are great for those who love baths but have trouble getting in and out of a traditional tub. They come with a wide array of options as well.

No matter what type of bathtub you decide on, contact Campbell’s Quality Plumbing Services for kitchen and bathroom plumbing in Lake Stevens, WA. We ensure everything is plumbed-in correctly and working the way it should. You can reach us at (425) 385-0315.

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