When it comes to your plumbing, if you need Plumbing Pipe Installation, Re-Piping, Repair & Replacement in Granite Falls or the surrounding area, you can count on Campbell’s Quality Plumbing. Re-Piping or plumbing pipe installation and repair services can be a very daunting for most home owners. Significant investments get made when it comes to replacing all the pipes in your home. This is why you want to work with a company that is trustworthy and reliable. That is why so many people turn to Campbell’s Plumbing.

Learning the signs that you need re-piping can help prepare you for what’s ahead. Our team of experts is licensed and trained to help you get the best out of your plumbing system. Check out the signs below and see how we can assist you with your new installations.

Signs of Re-Piping

The first thing we consider is the age of the lines themselves. The older they are, the more apt they are to need replacing. Another factor is what type of material they consist of. The construction codes haven’t always been as restrictive as they are now. Some of the past materials are not what they should be to give you a solid working line.

Other factors we consider include:

  • Leaking pipes
  • Water pressure issues
  • Corrosion that is visible on the lines
  • Improper fluctuation in the temperature of the water
  • Discoloration, foul smells, or taste

What We Do

Your technician will evaluate the signs, provide you with a full-cost estimate, and discuss all the questions you have about the new installation. Once approved, the process will start of replacing your existing pipes or plumbing appliances.

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