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Sewer Lines

Sewer lines are pipes that remove waste from a home. The waste is sent to the municipal main sewer pipes and from there is sent to a wastewater treatment facility.

Sewer Lines Location

After leaving every plumbing fixture such as sinks, showers, and toilets, the sewer line pipes go through the building out into a home’s yard. Typically, the pipe goes through a front yard, eventually connecting to the main sewer pipe.
Sewer pipe being scoped and flushed
Sewer pipe being scoped and flushed

Sewer Lines Distribution

There are a few issues that can happen to sewer lines:

  • Clogs: When too much waste or improper things are flushed and build up in the pipes, a clog is formed. 
  • Broken lines: Pipes and pipe fittings break because they’re old, were installed improperly, have shifted, or were damaged by outside factors.
  • Tree root damage: Sometimes, trees or large bushes can grow their roots around pipes and cause damage. 
  • Corrosion: Pipes corrode because the contents flowing through them create chemical reactions that weaken the material (often metal) overtime. 

Sewage smell: Occasionally, sewage smell can enter a building because drain caps are misplaced.

If you notice an issue with your home’s ability to remove waste but aren’t quite sure what could be the cause of the issue, that’s when your friendly plumber from Campbell’s Quality Plumbing comes in handy!

Sewer Line Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance

In order to determine the current state of a home’s pipes, the knowledgeable plumbers at Campbell’s Quality Plumbing can perform: 

  • Sewer line video inspections
  • Drain cleanings
  • Sewer line repairs and replacements
  • Trenchless sewer line installations and maintenance
  • Rooter services
  • Hydro jetting
Sewer pipe being scoped and flushed

Call Campbell’s Quality Plumbing at (425) 259-3898 to find help with your sewer line issues. When you call, our reliable plumbers are there, ready to find the problem and provide a solution that fits your budget, schedule, and needs. 




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