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Water Supply Lines

Water supply lines are pipes that supply water to the fixtures within your home. Problems that can arise include: weak water pressure, discoloration of water, and low flow.

Water Supply Lines Location

The main water supply line provides fresh water from your meter to your house. Each fixture is sized accordingly by code for all plumbing within your home.

Water Supply Distribution

There are a number of issues that can affect a home's water supply pipes:

  • Weak water pressure: When the water is not producing correctly, the most common issues are that the water main is undersized or leaking, the pressure-reducing valve has failed, or the pipes are old or corroded
  • Leak: When a pipe has burst, it’s pretty obvious. There’s water pooling or spraying in large amounts. It’s an emergency problem that requires immediate assistance so that further damage doesn’t occur.
  • Slow leak: When a pipe is slowly leaking, it's not obvious. It can be leaking for a while without anyone noticing. It becomes noticeable when water stains start to appear, but that only happens when the leaking pipe creates stains in places that people can see. A slow leak can cause a lot of damage before it’s even discovered, but there are ways to find and fix it before it wreaks havoc.  
  • Contaminated water: While sometimes obvious because of changes to color, taste, and smell, contaminated water can sadly go unnoticed. Water can become contaminated while in the municipal system before even reaching the household. Most contaminated water comes from well water and surrounding ground. 
Your reliable plumber at Campbell’s Quality Plumbing is trained and knowledgeable in any issue you may have with your water supply. Whenever you ask for help, they are there to diagnose the issue and create an action plan that meets your needs.

Private Wells and Water Supply

Three quarters of a million people in Washington State get their water from privately owned wells.1 Campbell’s Quality Plumbing offers solutions to private well issues including installing filtration systems to clean water.

Water Supply Line Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance

If your home needs new pipes to supply water safely, our plumbers are expert installers. If you notice that your water supply is just not acting right, our friendly plumbers can find the issue, make replacements, and resolve it in the way that works best for your needs. If you would like reassurance that your pipes are in good shape and your water supply is healthy, we are happy to do an inspection and any necessary routine maintenance.

To schedule an appointment with one of our excellent plumbers, call Campbell’s Quality Plumbing at (425) 259-3898.


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