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Shower and Bathtub Updates and Repair

One of the most used fixtures in a house and one of the biggest culprits for water damage is showers/bathtubs. They’re a large fixture, and with their size can come large issues. Luckily, those issues can be avoided, repaired, or replaced with the help of your favorite plumber, Campbell’s Quality Plumbing!


Leaking Pipes or Drains: There are a number of causes for leaking or slow drains. The signs that there is a leak behind your shower or bathtub are musty smell, damp walls, water-stained ceilings, and soft or unsound floors.  

When installing tub drains, most plumbers use putty.  After time the putty breaks down causing a leak.  New installations and upgrades will typically use silicone.

Leaking faucets: A leaking faucet is normally a quickly-fixed problem, but it can be expensive in the meantime. If left unfixed, the leak can cause a high water bill. When you call Campbell’s Quality Plumbing, our timely crew knows how to diagnose the issue with the leaking faucet and find a fix for it within your budget and timeline.

Cracks: Bathtub and shower inserts get cracks because they are old. If your bathtub or shower has cracks, repair is typically not an option. We can help replace and upgrade your tub and shower with a new insert or a tiled shower or freestanding tub.  We also have great referrals for freestanding bathtub repairs if that is preferred.

Rusting: Rust can spread when exposed to moisture and oxygen. If you notice rust on your shower or bathtub faucets or drains, then there could be rust in the pipes. Rust is a result of old pipes and can eventually cause leaks. If there is rust in your shower and bathtub pipes, drains, and faucets, our plumbers will find the extent of the issue and replace what is affected.

Low water pressure: Most commonly, water pressure can be slow when hard water has caused build-up. Repiping is the best option to the current modern standards for water and sewer flow. 

Clogs and slow draining: Showers and bathtubs are very easily clogged by all the bath products and hair that are washed down the drain. Clog removing products can cause damage to pipes, so it’s best to call your experienced plumber from Campbell’s Quality Plumbing to take care of the problem.

Foul smell: Quite possibly the most intrusive issue that can occur to a shower or bathtub, a foul smell has two possible causes, a clog or sewer gases escaping drainage pipes. Either of these causes can be diagnosed and solved by our plumbers!

Our talented plumbers are well-versed in improving the performance of bathtub or shower inserts, freestanding bathtubs, and faucets of any kind. If you're in need of a friendly plumber who will arrive on time and provide budget-friendly repairs for your shower or bathtub issues, call Campbell’s Quality Plumbing at (425) 259-3898 or (360) 653-9804


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