If you’re looking for Trenchless Sewer Line Installation, Repair & Replacement service in Everett or the surrounding area, contact Campbell’s Quality Plumbing today for a free estimate. As a homeowner, it is critical that your sewer lines work correctly. Being connected to the main sewer line is critical in removing the waste and bringing in the water that you need. What happens if you notice an issue with the sewer line? Do you see problems with water pressure, leaks, or even smells in the home? Then it’s time to go over your options for trenchless sewer lines with the experts here at Campbell’s Plumbing.

Below you’ll discover what trenchless lines are, how they may help you, and if they are viable for your residence. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss this further and see if it’s an option you want to consider.

What Are Trenchless Sewer Lines?

Basically, in traditional installation methods, your yard and landscape will be dug up to make way for new lines. This is not an easy process and can require your driveway and concrete areas to be busted up as well. However, with trenchless lines, it is minimally invasive. There are two main methods. One method includes bursting the old pipe while putting the new pipe down behind it. With two access holes dug, the pipe gets removed while laying down new material that gives you the same drainage capacity you currently have.

The other method involves the same two holes, but it puts a flexible pipe inside the current piping. Once it gets laid, it expands and solidifies. This may reduce the flow you have slightly, but it is generally not noticeable.

Our technician will come to your home and do a thorough evaluation. We’ll discuss your options for trenchless sewer lines, the full cost, and what to expect. If you’re interested in this option, call the office at (425) 385-0315 today to talk with an expert.

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