When Should You Call for Trenchless Sewer Main Repair Service in Index?

When Should You Call for Trenchless Sewer Main Repair Service in Index?


When Should You Call for Trenchless Sewer Main Repair Service in Index?

Problems with your sewer line might seem like they come on quickly and unexpectedly, but issues have been building over weeks before you see a problem. The first sign that you might need trenchless sewer main repair service in Index is a foul smell in your backyard. Sewage will begin to seep up through the ground, causing a nasty smell to permeate your yard. The ground might also be soggy and soaked with a brown tinge to the water.

Bad smells and an unexplainably wet yard are both bad signs that could mean there’s a crack or break in your sewer lines. This requires immediate inspection and maintenance, which is where Campbell’s Quality Plumbing comes in handy with our plethora of reliable plumbing services.

Other signs of a bad main sewer line include:

  • Backed-up or clogged drains.
  • Slow drainage that affects more than one drain at a time.
  • Gurgling noises coming from multiple drains when one is draining.
  • Bad smells coming from the drains.

How Does Trenchless Sewer Repair Work?

The trenchless method for repairing a sewer line involves a machine for expansion and replacement. The machine works through the old pipe, pulling it apart while inserting a new pipe to replace and repair the line. In some cases, only the broken parts will be replaced. This is a great way for you to have the work done as needed, all without doing extensive damage to your landscaping.

What Causes a Sewer Line to Break or Burst?

Tree roots are the number one cause of sewer line problems. The roots work their ways into small cracks, then grow and expand those cracks into breaks over time. This can cause interior home clogs through the drains and exterior sewer line bursts.

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